2 Step Verification Issues

Solutions are grouped according to the three 2 Step Verification (2SV) options implemented:

Note: Unlike some systems, such as Google, the Identity Hub system does not use SMS text and/or phone calls for 2SV.

Common Questions

  • How can I set up and use 2SV when I don't have a smartphone?

Use either a security key or printable codes for 2SV.

  • 2SV seems to be turned on but I don't recall having done this. How can I fix this?

You may either enable'/disable one of the three 2SV options or entirely disable 2SV (not recommended). Refer to our Profile section for instructions on how to access your identity profile. Return to this page for information about each of the 2SV options.

  • 2-Step Verification is enabled but nothing works. What can I do?

The Identity Hub has a "rescue me" feature in situations like this.

When you enter a valid username and password but are unsuccessful providing valid 2-Step Verification information, choose More Options on the 2-Step Verification page and then I need help. A screen will display the partially masked email address of your "rescue me" point of contact. This point of contact is often your manager, according to your organization's HR system.

Click Send, then contact that person, enter the code he/she will have received and then select Verify.

Each time you use this feature, the application will send a different code. Any of these codes will work and none of them expire until the first time you successfully log in with any of these "pending" codes. Then all the codes are voided.

Of course, we strongly recommend you immediately visit your identity profile and correct the problem with your 2-Step Verification, including ensuring you have at least two options available, such as both a smartphone app and a fresh set of printable backup codes.

Note for Wycliffe USA members on home assignment: The "manager" listed will probably be a Wycliffe USA resource coordinator. Since you may not know who that person is, contact the Wycliffe Computer Help desk in Orlando, who will have received the "rescue me" code as well. They can be reached at computer_help_usa@wycliffe.org or at +1 407-852-3815.

What if your manager is wrong or you don't know the person? Different organizations' identity information is populated from different systems. Understanding where your profile information is drawn from should help you know who to contact (usually HR) and where the manager information needs to be updated. SIL, SIL Partners. Wycliffe USA and Wycliffe Partner Access profiles use Workday. JAARS, uses their Sage (HR) system. The "Other" profile is still populated from Insite, which is essentially decommissioned now.

  • I received an email about 2SV being disabled but I didn't do this intentionally.

Up to three 2-Step Verification means can be set up for an identity account (smartphone app, security key, printable codes). If you later remove all of these means, a warning/notification is displayed, 2-Step Verification is disabled, and eventually the email (which you copied in this ticket) is sent you.

We have no way of determining when this happened, whether it was you or not. Hence the email alert sent to you. Either way, you have the choice to leave 2-Step Verification disabled (no action required) but, since we do recommend turning on 2-Step Verification, you can use the steps provided in the email to turn it back on, by enabling at least one of the three means.

  • I set up 2-Step Verification but I don't receive a text message or call on my phone?

Unlike other websites and applications that may contact you this way, the Identity Hub does not. The smartphone app, which generates a new 6-digit code every 30 seconds, is the only method used on your phone.

  • I have to use one of my printable codes every time I log into the Insite, even though I have checked "remember". I'm using all my codes too quickly!

The first, most likely cause is that you are either using your browser in Incognito-mode or that your browser is set to delete all cookies whenever you close your browser. If you avoid these two, you should be fine

Configuring 2 Step Verification settings and solving problems with this feature is all done from your identity profile. For instructions on how to access your identity profile, click here,