Printable Codes

If this option is chosen, you are initially provided ten 8-digit numbers, each which may be used one time. (We suggest drawing a line through each as it is used.)

The identity hub application will suggest you generate a fresh set of printable codes when you attempt to log in and have only 3-4 remaining numbers. When you have only one left, you will be required to generate a fresh set of codes. You will be directed to your identity profile where you can click the option to get new codes.

Common Questions

  • How do I use a printable code?

If printable codes is the only 2SV option you have set up, you will be able to enter a code directly.

If you have a smartphone app setup, you may select the "other options" link and then "printable codes".

  • Can the Global Help Desk send my printable codes?

No, but you can access your profile and get them yourself, even if you are having problems with 2 Step Verification.

  • Do printable codes ever expire? No
  • Will I ever run out of printable codes?

No. When the Identity Hub application sees that you have a few codes remaining, it should suggest that you print a fresh set of 10 printable codes. (The remaining ones from the current list are voided.)

If you don't follow this suggestion and then use your last code, the application will automatically display a fresh set of codes on your screen.

  • Note: if you do not print or save this fresh set of codes at this point, choosing instead to continue into the application you are trying to log into, you will no longer have a way to return and print these new codes, effectively blocking you from authenticating again using the Identity Hub. Your only recourse at that point would be to contact the SIL Global Help Desk.
  • Where should I keep my printable codes?

Ideally you should have them available whenever you need to access one of the applications protected by the IdP application. You might keep them in your wallet or pocketbook, or some other easy-reached location. As a best practice, do NOT store these backup codes in your password manager since that would be storing both the first (your IdP username and password) and second factor (printable codes) together in the same place.