Which Organization's Icon

I see a page with more than one icon to select. Which one should I be choosing? Is there a right or wrong one?

While complicated, the answer is that the icon (identity) you should choose depends upon two factors: what you want to get to and who you are.

Some resources are only available to members of one organization. For example, Workday is currently only available to those assigned to organizations that use Workday (Wycliffe USA, SIL, and some Global Alliance organizations). There people have to identify themselves with their appropriate identity profile (for example, select Wycliffe USA if you are a Wycliffe USA member).

On the other hand, some resources (such as the SIL Gateway) are available to members from different organizations. Whether a JAARS, SIL, Wycliffe or Other Partners identity is used, a successful login would always direct you to the Insite web page.

As of August 2019, TeamHelp now uses the new corporate identity accounts for login. This application should be available using any of the Identity profiles set up for you.

Over time, changes may be applied that block or allow access to a resource through identity profiles associated with certain organizations.

Note: if a resource is only available using one identity profile, the page with icons will probably not display or will gray out other icons that do not apply.