Managing Identity Profiles

Accessing your identity profile allows you to:

  • Change your password
  • Manage 2 Step Verification settings/options
  • Add additional information (email address or phone number) for password recovery

The first action is to decide which identity profile you need or want to access. This is dependent on which organizational identity management system you wish to work with. Currently, for

Profile Reviews

Similar to many other sites and services, there will be an occasional profile review screen during login.

  • If you do not have any password recovery methods configured, you will be prompted monthly to add some.
  • Every six months users will be asked to review their 2-Step Verification methods and every twelve months to review password recovery methods.
  • You will have options to
  1. “Edit” these methods, which will redirect you to the Profile Manager, or
  2. “These are correct, continue” which will send you where you were trying to go.

Note about SMS (text) as a recovery method

Many applications have used SMS (text) and phone calls to assist with problems logging in. These methods are not available in the Identity Hub application. SMS is no longer considered secure enough for this use case, Even Google is moving in this direction.

Any users who only had SMS configured before the new release (April 2019) will lose it and will be prompted repeatedly to add recovery methods on next login.

Common Scenarios

  • My email address shown in my profile is my spouse's and their's is mine. How can this be fixed?

You should first contact your HR department and ask that the HR system reflects the correct corporate email addresses for each of you.

Assuming your information there is correct now, it is likely that these addresses were backwards in the past and that this information was loaded into the Identity Hub system. When the corporate email addresses were later corrected in the HR system, the Identity Hub system failed to update your profiles because email addresses in the Identity Hub must be unique. In trying to correct your identity, the application saw your address already being used by your spouse and failed.

The only way to correct this problem is for HR to change both of your corporate email addresses to other unique addresses temporarily. The Identity Hub will then update itself, automatically, normally within 15 minutes. Then HR can change your corporate email addresses back to the right values.

If you continue to have a problem, contact the Global Help Desk (contact information at the bottom of this page).

  • I don't remember my username or password.

Refer to the information found in the Logging In section.

  • I can't get past the 2 Step Verification (2SV) prompt.

If you lose or do not have access to any of your 2SV methods they will now have a new option of having a code emailed to your manager. You will need to connect with manager to retrieve the required code which will let you proceed with logging in.

We know this is inconvenient, but security is more important than convenience in this situation.

While the SIL Global Help Desk cannot help you bypass 2SV, you can request help by emailing

  • I need to print a new set of printable codes.

Use the appropriate link from above to access the profile you need printable codes for. Log into your profile. You will need to get past 2 Step Verification, using one of the methods you have set up.

  • If you have set up the Smartphone app, enter that 6-digit number
  • If you still have at least one valid printable code, you'll be fine
  • Use your security key (if applicable)

Once in your profile, you can scroll down and use the Create New option to the right of Printable Codes. Any codes from the previous set of 10 remaining will voided.

  • How are Password Recovery Methods used?

The default delivery method when attempting to reset your profile's password is to send an email to your corporate email address. If access to this account is not available, these alternate methods can be use.

You may add one or more email addresses or phone numbers. Each of these will need to be verified, either by clicking a link (for email addresses) or entering a verification code (for phone numbers

Note: There are some legacy applications, such as Unity ( that are not protected by the identity hub. As such, you may need the ability to reset this "classic"/legacy password. The Insite IdP (for legacy systems) is found at

Additional Information about Profiles

  • How are profiles created?

The identity Hub is connected to several organizations' Human Resources (HR) application . Each of these applications has a "Approved for SIL System Access Registration" field for each staff member that indicates whether this person needs access to online resources. (such as Insite, the SIL Gateway, REAP, Workday, etc).

If this field is updated to "yes", the Identity Hub either creates/activates ("yes") an identity for that organization or marks an existing identity inactive (not "yes"), normally within 15 minutes of the update.

  • Are profiles ever deleted?

Inactive profiles (see above) are deleted after they have been inactive for 18 months. This avoids problems that may arise because of a furlough or accidental, incorrect update in the HR system. Retaining these identities for a period of time which allows them to be restored, keeps a person’s password, recovery methods, 2 Step Verification settings, etc.