New Account Setup


Below is a walk-through of the onboarding process for new users, which will guide new users through creating a password, adding alternate contact and recovery information and configuring 2-Step Verification (2SV).

New users are sent an "invite" link to their work email address as well as a personal email address if HR puts one in the personnel system. This link automatically authenticates the user and places them into the workflow. The link is valid for 30 days; if link is expired when accessed, a new one will be emailed to the user automatically; the user does not need to submit another form.

The workflow can normally be finished within 30 minutes.

View the series of slides below demonstrating the initial setup process. (Use the ">" option; the "play" option auto-advances quickly)

IdP Profile Workflow (2019)

Note: The "What if you forget your password" step in the onboarding process requires you to use the green "+" icon to add at least one alternate address before using the Continue option.

Similar to many other sites and services we are adding an occasional profile review screen during login. Every six months we’ll ask users to review their 2SV methods and every twelve months for password recovery methods.