Identity Hub Support

Provided by the GTIS Global Help Desk

Most problems using the Identity Hub can be grouped into categories. Selecting the category that comes closest to describing your problem will probably direct you to a page containing an answer to your question.

  • What is this new Identity Hub that I have to log into? Why?

Briefly, the IdP (Identity Provider) system (aka the Identity Hub) was implemented late 2017 to limit people's access to resources to only those they should have access to. These resources have been categorized as Wycliffe USA, Wycliffe Partner Access, SIL, SIL Partners and JAARS.

If you received an email about a new identity profile/account, please follow the instructions found in that "welcome" message.

  • I am told I have to set up 2-Step Verification for my identity profiles. Where can I learn more about 2-Step Verification?

SIL provides a site here that contains information about why securing your accounts is so important and some of the options available. This information will generally apply to Wycliffe USA and JAARS as well but you perhaps should direct specific questions to those organizations .