Username or Email Address

There are several reason why you may get an error on the login screen.

Reasons and Explanations

  • Incorrect username - Your username for all identity profiles is the same, typically first_last. Be aware that some first names can throw you a curve ball. For example, your email address may use "bill_" or "deb_" but your username might be "william_" or "deborah_". Once you know which form your username takes, it will be consistent for all profiles.
  • Incorrect email address - The email address the identity system uses is the same for all profiles. It can only be the address on record in the HR system as the corporate email address (formerly known as the "secure email address"). It is not true that you would use a address for your SIL identity and your address for your Wycliffe identity.
  • Problem with your record in the HR (Insite) system - While this is not commonly the problem, your record may be locked or there may be no corporate email address on file. The SIL Global Help Desk is unable to assist you with this problem. They may direct you to contact your HR department and have them check your record.

Note: Changing the (legacy/"classic") password for your account in the HR system (Insite) will not resolve issues getting through the identity hub.