Contact Us

Support for the Identity Hub is provided by SIL's Global Help Desk. While this site was designed to address virtually every type of problem you may experience, we recognize that some issue may appear more complex than you can resolve and may need hands-on help.

There are several ways to request help from the SIL Global Help Desk:

  • Open a TeamHelp ticket at This requires you to login using your Identity Hub credentials
  • Send an email to This option creates a TeamHelp ticket for you, which will be routed to a support technician.
  • Call the Global Help Desk at +1 704-843-6620
    • If no one is available, leave a message, Your recording will generate a TeamHelp ticket which will be assigned to a support technician.

Help us help you!

Regardless of which option above that you use, please included ALL of the following details:

    • Your name, email address, phone number (if in North America) or Skype Id
    • Which website/application/URL you are trying to access
    • Which profile (SIL, SIL Partner, JAARS, Wycliffe) you are using
    • Which browser you are using
    • Clear description of what isn't working, including the error message you are seeing

Having this information often allows us to respond with a solution the first time, rather than having to trade messages back and forth, delaying your access to the application you are trying to get to.

Note: If you are having a problem using your Wycliffe USA identity, you may be referred to the Orlando Computer Help Desk. If you wish to contact them directly, their number is +1 407-852-3815 (GMT-5).

Most SIL Global Help Desk technicians are based at the JAARS Center in North Carolina (USA). Our normal hours are 8 am - 5 pm, M-F (GMT-5). We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.