Do Not Disclose

This option available from the identity profile page provides a layer of plausible deniability as well as removes an account disclosure mechanism.

  • Enabling this option will tell the Identity Hub to always respond with "Account does not exist" when using the "forgot password" link, even when the account does exist. Despite this fake denial, the Identity Hub will still send an email with a password reset link to the email address indicated in the profile.

"Why would I use this?"

Some of our staff work in sensitive assignments where they need to hide their connection with SIL (or any Christian work). One way to reveal a connection with SIL is for a hostile government official to attempt to log into an SIL application with your name or email address and see if the response indicates that an identity for you is "on file" with SIL. This setting will help protect you.

Note: When "Do not disclose" is enabled, you cannot use other methods of password recovery (such as additional email addresses) that you may have already added to your profile.